West Norwood, 15/12/18,

hi, nice to meet you!


My name is Lou Salasca, I’m a 27 yo kid. I was born and raised in the french alps.

Ten years ago, I moved away from the familiar and to start shaping my life’s pathway by travelling and studying our system. 

Today, I’ve decided to live my life around my passions. I’m passionating by drawing, exploring different fine art technics (clay, collages, painting), board sports (ski, surf, skateboarding) and sharing with people. As every grown up kid, I take my passion quite seriously and work on finding balance between fun and organization. In my eye, Living the life in harmony is a lot about being consistant and truthful. My professional pattern goes along my ethos. I learnt from past experiences that, it is a key, to regularly take a step back on situations in order to move forward.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator who wants to settle in London. I’m currently looking for a full time job in the creative field.


portfolio // work classification in 4 + 1 categories :

– Most of the time you can tell that my works are oriented to be printed : that’s why my first category is print for graphic design.

n.b.1 : I’ve studied web design in 2015. At the time I did few UX / UI design projects. Also it allowed to adapt work from printed layout to digital.

– Therefore, I’ve decided to name my second category : web, for digital content and web design.

– I use mix-media art for many projects. I do illustration which is the third category

– And collage which is the fourth category

n.b.2 : I’ve graduated in Art Direction in 2017. I am currently self teaching about textile design, that’s why a lot of my project are focused on textile medium.

– Therefore, the last but not the least category is textile which gathered patterns and garnements.

Here is a link to my photographs portfolio. I work around exploring new perspectives and showing the world as I see it ; very neutral and simply beautiful.s