// logo : sketch, illustration, typography, illustrator
// road signs : 200 x 150 cm, illustration, typography, digital print of plexiglass, photoshop
// business cards : 6 x 6 cm, digital print both side, indesign

The creative process

Regarding the Brief I decided to use the style of patterns design mixed with naive illustration. I wanted to give a curvilinear  motion to logo to express ease and confort and highlight the luxury aspect of the service. The quartet of curvy triangle represent the four mains peaks of the ski resort.

The chalets are rentable all year long so I felt to express it visually towards the cycle of the seasons.

« L’orpin », or stonecrop is the flower of a mountaineer succulent plant. From a top point of view it looks like living cells moving about in a petri dish that you would observe with a microscope. This soft almond green represent the fresh and invigorating spring when mother nature loose it coat and start growing again.

« Le flocon » means snow flake. Il drew it the most simple way and made it feel like a warm and cosy house in cold winter.