// curiculum vitae : 24 x 24 cm, two fold, photoshop, indesign
// business cards : 6 x 6 cm, 16 puzzle pieces, 4 squares x 4 patterns, photoshop, indesign

The creative process

Two of the patterns talk about cities and therefore are more structured within repeats of horizontal and vertical lines. One is London, one is Paris. I let you guess.

The two others are inspired by nature and landscapes. They spread the idea of life’s scales, depending on microscopic and macroscopic references. One is the Alps ; a view of an infinite circulation of energy into the fertile ground. On is the Basque Country ; the deep an dark bottom of the ocean overhung by the magnificent and powerful swell.

As a person I’m curious and willing to explore. My wish, as much in my personal life than in my career, is to learn from the outside and share what I have inside.